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Work To Live in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Updated: Mar 31, 2022

The post-pandemic workplace is where efficiency and flexibility meet to create an environment that’s favourable for all types of employees. A post-pandemic workplace where employees feel valued, heard, and happy. A post-pandemic workplace where employees can work remotely, build on a newfound skill, and where supply is valued.

Although many negative things have come from the pandemic, your focus should now be on what pivots you’ll make to succeed in the future. We know the bad that has come from the pandemic, but what about the good?

Job loss, increased debt, and lockdowns have shocked Canada and the world. The effects continue to make ripples in the economy, relationships, and job structure. Learning from these experiences and thriving in them can be possible. Only if you’re willing to embrace the undeniable changes of a post-pandemic workplace. Think about how you’ll grow your business, organize your finances, and retain good employees.

“Whether you know — and accept — it or not, your employees have been forever transformed, and walking back this sea of change isn’t an option,” – Darryl Wright

Of course, with every change comes a consequence but does the consequence outweigh the loss of good talent? Employers worldwide will need to rethink their strategy or risk losing their best talent to their competitors. So, what changes are we now seeing in the post-pandemic workplace?

How Businesses Do Business in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

The effects of the pandemic have influenced workers in unprecedented ways. These ways have challenged the work model brought about by the industrial revolution. People are rethinking what’s essential in their lives. What they can do without. And what they need to do without.

Flexibility in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Family priority and sincere joy in life have become priorities in many households, challenging the pre-pandemic workplace’s status quo. Although reluctant, employers must consider that a post-pandemic workplace revolves around accommodating remote work and flexible work shifts. According to the EY 2021 Work Reimagined Employee Survey, 67% of “remote ready” people are likely to quit their job if the employer does not accommodate flexibility.

Career Development in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

The pandemic has also helped people consider new career paths. New career paths people otherwise would not have chosen. The pandemic has left many people jobless with nothing but time to their name. Time to choose new career paths in essential job sectors. People who have always wanted to learn a trade, learned a trade. The flexibility of online learning has made this possible for everyone and anyone willing to learn. Giving ambitious people opportunities to excel in a post-pandemic world and providing employers with access to more entry-level labourers.

Greater Awareness of Supply Logistics in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

Not only has the pandemic affected the way workers work. But it’s also affected the awareness surrounding supply and demand regarding readily available supplies. The pandemic has created a hyper-awareness of the resources available within our own country. It’s made us realize that self-sufficiency is the key to success. Without self-sufficiency, we’re at the risk of delay and complete stoppage of some of our most significant resources (think computer chips, lumber, and pandemic supplies).

How Do We Survive in Our Post-Pandemic World?

Ensuring your employees have the skills to thrive in a post-pandemic world is the key to success. Forbes explored eight skills that will be imperative to success in a post-pandemic workplace:

  1. Adaptability and Flexibility

  2. Tech Savviness

  3. Creativity and Innovation

  4. Data Literacy

  5. Critical Thinking

  6. Digital and Coding Skills

  7. Leadership

  8. Emotional Intelligence

Keeping these skills in mind will help you choose the right employees and pivot strategy for your business.

Open To Change in a Post-Pandemic Workplace

This is the new way of the future, whether you like it or not. So, the question is, how can you thrive in this situation? How can you adjust to things you can’t control? How do you take this opportunity and turn it into a new way of thinking about work? By keeping your employees happy. By understanding your employees. And by pivoting in your business.

Are you ready to make 2022 your best year yet? Consider keeping your employees working remotely and offering flexible work. None of that matters without a good financial and tax plan in place. Call us today, and we can get you on track for a prosperous new year!


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